All Balled Up

Bunjie Jambo

RELEASE DATE:  October 18, 1994
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Punk, Reggae, Ska

Melodic ska-rock fused with ganja-reggae and poultry punk–straight outta Pittsburgh! Includes ‘Chicken Pot Pie’ ‘Nawanda’ & ‘Labcoatman.’

1. Gimme a Dollar

(Lyrics Unavailable)

2. Señor Plunger

(Lyrics Unavailable)

3. Mailman

(Lyrics Unavailable)

4. Franco-American

(Lyrics Unavailable)

5. Irie Balled

(Lyrics Unavailable)

6. Almost a Blackbelt

(Lyrics Unavailable)

7. Commissioner

(Lyrics Unavailable)

8. Rockabillababakahuna

(Lyrics Unavailable)

do your part in thuh relegalization of hemp . . . don’t be a milksop!

all songs and music by: Bunjie Jambo
Published by: Morris St. James (Sin Klub)
Recorded at: Skinny Studios (RIP) & Audio Loft
Mastered at: Audiomatrix
Cover & Tray Card Illustrations: Dave “Gordomon” Bellard
Photo’s by: Bunjie Jambo & Friends
Layout: Sin Klub, Michael A. Seday

Bunjie Jambo be. . . 
Bill Fulmer – T-Bone
Smoove Jones – Sole
Ernie – Ganjavitis
Dave – Axe
Garbage – Kit
Pelse – Bass (Bas)
Jason – Ball Sax
Background Vocals – Thuh Fabulous Smoovetones, aka: Toothagunna

Bunjie Thanks & Props

Our Moms & Pops & Families, Yinz, Tommy, Dave (Gordomon) Bellard, Bobbie Jo, Dawn, Jeff Ellsworth, Ed Shimborske, Michael Seday, Bubba & Judy, Joe Bungo, Franco Harris, Mike Waldo, Saboo, Myron Cope, Amy L., Moe, Larry & Curley, Scott P. & Little Scotty P., Mr & Mrs Diethorn, Mr & Mrs Frey, Skinny (Howard), Mr & Mrs Gerazzi, Cuz Shank, Robb, Keith, Smiley, Mike (Rock n Roll), Tricia, Perry Comos Luggage, Jeff Kendars, Wern, Ray, Goff, Mr & Mrs Holiday, Jerry, Jim Cole, Bill Fulmer & his Soul Patch, Grateful Joe, Babs, Dennis K., Brooks, Bill M., Ryan, Ty Cobb, Brothers Bagamery, Brandy, Omar, Vinnie, Rigs, Kenny Dude, McGyver, Spoonie G., Dr. Bob, Dug, Shawn Kitchen Sinki, Bissel, Bitch School, TOB, Bob Burnd, Weez, Ken Williams, Michaux 3rd , Digital Doug, Taylors Tea, Joseph the Kind Shoe Cobbler, Jaison, Colton & Florida Flash, SEFO C & All the Cool People from Latrobe & Greensburg, McKay, Waldo Pierogies, Kelly from Cavanaughs, Icky, Mike from Youngstown (good buds), Ellwood, Fritz, Pinball, Cool Stuff, Ozzy, Chef Ra, Northern Lights, Mike S. for Quitting, Pure Evil, To Thuh Police & People of Tiffin Ohio . . . Fuck Yinz, X-Men, Deb – Larry & Papermart, Cleeve, Brewce Martin & All Skaters, Dr. DeMento, Beauts Everywhere, Cool People from Cal State (They Know Who They Are), Team Sneaky, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Lisa, Jesse, John, Jon, Fish, Yalan, Rick Bach

Bands to Thank

Voodoo Glow Skulls, Mephiskapheles, Blue Meanies, Mu330, Lets go Bowling, Shale, Toothaguna, Irwin, Blast Furnace, King Dapper, Combo, Miss May 66, Big Mary Pig, Chronic Groove, Blunderbuss, Her Eleven Cats, Loveless, Coinmonster, Thickhead Grin, The Floyd Band, 609, Nimrods, Shady Nun, Chicken Dog, Rugburn, Milk Mine, Social Outcast, Jerome (Jerry) Garcia “Party with Angels”