Bunjie Jambo

RELEASE DATE:  July 8, 1999
LABEL:  Grappler Unlimited
CATALOG:  GRU-4002-2
GENRE: Hip-Hop, Punk, Reggae, Ska

1. Milksop

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack/M. Waldo)

2. Filthy

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

4. Cassius

(G. Doyle/E. Dojack)

5. Loser Loses His Shoes

(D. Wisenauer/M. Scarlatelli/S. Kluse/E. Dojack)

6. Mailman

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

7. Mildew

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack/M. McDonald)

8. Let There Be Lunch

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

9. Nawanda

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

10. Labcoatman

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

11. Ice Princess

(D. Wisenauer/M. Waldo/E. Dojack)

12. Paul Troon

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack)

13. 4:20

(D. Wisenauer/E. Dojack/M. Scarlatelli/M. McDonald/T. Nelson)

14. Walk All Over You

(M. Young/A. Young/R. Scott)

Walt – vocals
Dave – guitar
Scarfo – drums
Inspectah – bass
Ernie – vocals
Katie – sax
Timbob – trumpet

Executive Producers for Grappler Unlimited: ES3 & Baby Pops
Produced by Bunjie Jambo
Additional musicians (tracks 7 & 13):
Blow Up School featuring Sefo Capone, DJ Yo, DJ Melun & Cool Ass Doug

Additional background vocals: Mika & Ed
Recorded at Audiomatrix, Toledo, Ohio
Engineered by Chris Stoll
Mixing Engineer: Frank Vale
Mastered at Metrosync, Cleveland, Ohio

All artwork: Dave “Gordomon” Bellard
Layout & design: Gordomon
Band photography: Maureen & friends
Project Coordinator: Sunana Batra
Project Assistants: Jeffrey Rowan, Jaime Ilacqua
Licensing: Katharine Neubauer
Accounting: Cliff Drobnick

All compositions published and administered by Bad Hair Publishing/Grappler Unlimited Music Publishing
except “Walk All Over You,” J. Albert & Son (USA), Inc. (ASCAP)

all of our families, Steve Popovich & Cleveland International, G-Dubbs, Franklin Molin, Gordomon, Blow Up School, Saboo, Joel from the 31st Street Pub, Creata Bourzia, Dave & Amy, Pappy & Judy, Baby Pops, Eddie Shimborske III & Mike Seday, Tim Clark, helmets, Frank Vale from Metrosync, #32, Joe Bungo, Brewce Martin & C.I.A., Perry Como’s Luggage, Mika, Twangin’ & Twitchin’, Sam from Training Bra, Falcon, Flo, The Sidewalkers Bezerkers & HB, Joey B, Alan G., Deja Vu Girls, legs & eggs, Fritz, Filth, Todd and God, The Ultimatics, Chet M., Nob, Walt’s boy Ed, Jim & Maureen, Jumbo Pudge, all cool girls, Social Outcast, McGuyver, Rolling Rock, Dave & Rene, Allen, Scottie, The Steelers, Taylor’s Tea, Jim & Kari, Tommy, Ray Piacquadio & everyone at Calabria’s, Gene & Carrie, Dad Scarlatelli (best repairman ever), Brian Doyle, The Holidays, Mom & Dad Lynn for keeping the van alive, Weeze, El Nino, The North Oakland Player, Flutie & Tony, Mike Rock, John & Todd from Drum World, Robb, Keith & Shank, the Man upstairs & all of our friends….