Bleed For Me

RELEASE DATE:  January 1, 2004
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE: Hardcore, Punk

1. Love is a Right Cross

kiss the fist
if you love her and she loves you then why’s her face all black and blue
a day will come not so far on the shelf a poison jar
here she comes swinging hard kitchen knife out in the yard
gasoline upon your bed today you sleep tonight you’re dead
get away fast and far threw your cock out of a car

2. Spysong

turn your head ‘round and we’ll see your true face
arms heavy from the flesh in your briefcase
what is it that you think you’ve got to gain
trading your life for a slow crawl to plain
look into my eyes you’ll see who I am
the one who’ll kill you as sure as I stand
deep inside hypnotized no surprise you’ve changed
you could tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue for shame
deep inside hypnotized no surprise you’ve changed
you could suck an olive pit through a straw with your mouth you snake
in my mind you’ve died – you can’t live without a soul

3. Venom of God

spread out thy toxic wings
inhale what cancer brings
rise up through poison smog
decrepit rabid dogs
lay down at cloven feet
corpses line city streets
and in the crimson sky
the angels pray to die
screams of the howling mad
visions of demons bleeding
as panic blankets me
death breeds tranquility
vengeance upon the weak
to those who falsely speak
blackmail by damnation
to keep the masses weak
rise up high dead phoenix burning
cover us in all your ash
let our failures feed your yearning
destroy all who cross your path
it’s all about time
the holy death knell
countdown to die
your man made hell
black out the sun
lay down and die
just give up now

5. Fresh Air Hymnal

you won’t bring me down
‘cause I’m reborn hard
you can’t touch my heart
it remains unscarred
my time won’t slip away
my kind is here to stay
my crime against humanity
my will to keep my sanity
lay down never occurred to me
this time you’ll bow to me
it’s my time
time to shine
deep inside
rise above
for all the kids whose hearts pound strong
we all stand tall it won’t be long

6. Hello, You Don't Know Me

dedication and what it means to me
I cut myself today but no I cannot bleed
then you came along – and unknowing find
a brand new vice to occupy my mind
you have changed my life
my eyes are laser beams
and through the haze she gleams
a sick cry from within
fixation on the head of a pin
carcinogen desire
embrace ‘till you expire
strange love
painful existence
hello, you don’t know me

7. Ayudame

estoy sargrato
no puedo domir
estoy mareado
las pastillas son mis hijas
cuanto pagan
en seguida
tal vez en otro
otro momento
los dibujos animados
cinturon de seguridad
es serio
un herido
fuera de servicio
yo espero hallar
estoy occupado
siempre es lo mismo
el vino rosado
una escalera una contusion
la media noche

8. Bully

(Lyrics Unavailable)

9. Barker Ranch

never wanting more
dirt stains on the floor
never wanting more
chained by zombie whores
isolation desperation
waiting for my savior
kill to love love to kill
innocent behavior
I am a sick man
life on the barker ranch

10. Boxcutter

I’m scratching at my arms again
boxcutter pushpin
bartender pour me one more drink
look around no it’s just me
I’ve boarded myself up inside
four walls nowhere left to hide
this apartment has become a casket
yeah the phone it rings my eulogy
crawling up the walls again
digging up the floor
they’re throwing bricks through my window
they’re kicking down the door
my hands tight over my ears
to block the sound of my fears
just give me some silence
can’t stop the phone from ringing
can’t stop my wounds from bleeding
the light bends I need a drink
boxcutter on a mission to fucking sink
boxcutter pushpin
come on make me bleed motherfucker
god bless this silence

JAY : vocals
JOE : bass, vocals
AARON : guitar, vocals, sampler, keys
CHRIS : drums, percussion

GREG GIZZI : percussion, sampler
GREG GIZZI appears courtesy of the DAVID KANE QUARTET

recorded in spring 2003 at WATCHMEN STUDIO by DOUG WHITE
produced by BLEED FOR ME and DOUG WHITE
concept & design by BLEED FOR ME, construction by RYAN BESCH