Urban Witchcraft

The Thessalonian Dope Gods

RELEASE DATE:  October 1, 1994
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Industrial, Industrial Metal

A spine-tingling landscape of electronic metal full of trippy samples & nightmarish twists. Featuring ‘Be Nice,’ ‘Crack Vile,’ and ‘Sin and Fear Divine.’

1. Urban Witchcraft


2. Murder Incorporated

Blind leaders and injustice
gather ’round the fold,
inhumanities awaken–
altruism turns bold.
Government ideals,
made to infect–
is all they inject.
Determination, work
are things of the past–
it’s the power of the people
that’s fading ever fast.
Foreign adversaries
cut another incision;
political confusion
becomes our decision.

Extravagant to extreme,
no sobriety,
here to tame
the wild game
of reverse society.

Time has run
beyond control.

We often make mistakes
about who are the preachers–
TV and money stand
as society’s teachers.
Prayer and solitude
are all that remain,
dying in a world
with nothing to gain.
Grave makers play
upon our infancy
as does their incubation–
no sympathy!
As we push hard,
they push even harder–
refusing to comply
we’ll die as unknown martyrs.

Extravagant to extreme,
no sobriety,
here to tame
the wild game
of reverse society.
Extravagant to extreme,
no sobriety,
present to feast
upon the beast
of reverse society.

3. Sin & Fear Divine

Sitting at the table of the lamb’s high feast
just another victim of the beast,
celebrating sacrament
with the daughter of a priest.
Your salvation insincere,
and your kingdom, it isn’t here–
your inner foes subdue you,
your image leaves the mirror.

All within keep silence,
dawn upon this soul of mine,
triumph through redemption,
triumph through redemption,
sin and fear divine, divine.

Songs of good and evil blending
as you hear our cyberhymns ascending–
you’ve lived your life, now love it,
your hell is never-ending.

4. Be Nice

It must be nice
to not mean what you say,
it must be nice
to be able to forget that way,
it must be nice
to see me on my knees,
it must be nice to hear me
beg you please.

And I sometimes wish
that I were you
living that lifestyle
that you do.
It must be nice
not to give a damn,
it makes me wonder
who the fuck I am.

It must be nice to see
the difference between
night and day,
it must be nice to have
absolutely nothing to say,
it must be nice
to always be the one
to say good-bye,
it must be nice
to never be the one
to believe the lies.
It must be nice
to ignore the pain
that you’ve inflicted on me
without restrain,
it must be nice
to have anyone at all.
it must be nice not to have
so fucking far to fall.

You look at me
with a tear in your eye.
You speak to me
with a tear in your eye.
You laugh at me
with a tear in your eye.
You are me
with a tear in your eye.

It’s time to start all over again
even though I know that I just can’t win–
I feel like puking my fucking heart out,
stomping the life out of all my doubts.

5. Destruction of Sennacherib

(Based on words written by Lord Byron)

6. Wednesday's Child

There’s no need for chalkboards,
no need for black and white,
just look, and feel the splash of blood —
it makes me feel alright.
My presence is corruption–
it makes my mother weep,
but I’m just a lonely mongoloid
whose soul can never sleep.

Death’s hand
falls across my brow,
is just a child gone wrong.

Black hood and razor wire,
I confide within the trees–
stalking hapless victims,
bringing them to their knees.
A dizzying impulse
showers my eyes in red–
bloodspill is my savior,
but the bad comes from my head.

7. On a Clear .../Crack Vile

Oh, fuck temperament, they got a gun,
they’re gonna use it.
Fuck you pal, you got a life,
you’re gonna lose it.
On a clear day, they can kill
forever and ever,
and on a clear day they can kill
forever and ever.
And if you ever thought about
destroying the whole race–
perish the notion,
they just laid us to waste.
And on a clear day they can kill
forever and ever,
on a clear day they can kill
forever and ever.

And what about this motherfuckin’
war on crack–
they know where it’s comin’ from
but refuse to attack.
‘Cause cocaine business
runs Capitol Hill,
we can’t stop drugs
but we can kill for oil.
(Yeah, right).
Possibilities to stop
the madness is fact,
but the pigs roll
in filth from the greenside
of crack.
Drugs, like war,
good for the economy–
they boost the fat pockets
of the grand marquis.
Never mind the babies
born without skin–
hush, hush White House,
the new discipline.

“He gave me a hit of this rock
that he had that freaked me out.”
You have one foot in Hell.

I’m ruined in the womb,
I’m slaughtered in the street,
I’m an urban war zone,
yes, a giver of conceit.
I’m body bag aftermath,
I’ll carry you away–
my mother’s love serves me well,
showin’ me the way.
I’m immediate speed
goin’ straight to your head–
give me 5 to 10 minutes
and you’ll wind up dead.
I’m spreading like a plague,
got a mind like a krill–
explosive confrontation
in euphoric overkill.

Crack Vile,
you’ve gotta fight the pills.

I can’t come to grips,
I’d murder my own son–
fire life away
like bullets from a gun.
I’m a cocaine baby
born without my limbs,
but was it just coincidence
or was it acronym?
I’m a pellet-size chunk
in a tiny plastic tube–
I’m safer than a needle,
I’m a little death cube.
Now, I’m condemned to suffer,
and here’s the reason why:
got a hold of Crack Vile.
Can you identify?

8. Because of Color

Outcast because of color
taught to me on my T.V.–
begin to remember the natural way
and out an end to this moral decay.

Murdered, and beaten,and denied the chance to learn.

Because of color
you would kill another human being,
because of color
you’re blinded, and you have no feeling–
because of color.

Ignorance created hatred
inside an unruly mob,
and the military became necessary
when protecting freedom became a job.

I’m the Hot-Stuff Man
from the Devil’s land,
so go on brother,
go an’ fetch the Man.
I’m the Hot-Stuff Man
don’t ya try ta buck me–
I’m a greasy streak of lightning,
don’t you see?
So go on brother,
I can cuss, I can cut–
don’t ya try to buck me
’cause I’ll shoot the man up.
I’m a greasy streak of lightning,
I’m the fastest damn man–
don’t ya see? Don’t ya see?
come to clean up this land.

9. I Say Good-Bye

I’m wired, cluttered,
beaten down, discovered–
destroyed by your human debris.
I open my eyes to heal the suffering,
but my scratching sight
sees only toward the sea.
Rivers of darkness
flow through these cathedrals,
as thorns fall like thick black snow.
Lullaby machinery
weeps in wild ecstasy
answering the questions we don’t know.
Demons and shining gods
leap maidens with diving rods–
they see the spirits in my dreams.
But passion breeds ignorance
in solitary stimulants–
we’re coming apart at the seams.

is mine,
on revenge I’ll dine–
you call this love,
I call it a lie.
So now,
come tears
pressured by your fears,
I turn away and say good-bye.
I say good-bye.

I stand above
the darkness of your heart
and let all our memories fade.
Deepening the rifting swell
I lived for love and went to Hell,
now solitude is all that I’m paid.
Lightly we stand, heavy we fall–
we tread the world on slender knees.
While voices in tongues
ridicule our sons
and spread their evils like a disease.
The ache and sorrow
of darkened earth
leaves pathways
in the cleavage of my soul.
I cry for breath
but all I breathe is death–
your broken passion
now my only goal.

10. Gerald Needs Flesh (Live)

A grisly bath of blood
gratifies your thirst,
method of satisfaction
for the sexually perverse.
Revel in lurid glamour
as you stand above your kill–
you had a lust for gore,
so now you watch it spill.
Demon fury forged
through sexual frustration,
noone on the streets
safe from molestation.

‘Cause Gerald needs flesh
and Gerald needs sex,
and Gerald’s got a gun
for any who object.
Gerald needs flesh,
and Gerald needs me
to put a bullet through his head
and set his sick mind free.

Filthiest of the filthy,
he’s the sickest of the sick–
a bloodthirsty killer
homicidal lunatic.
She sure was lovely,
she was only just a kid,
she sure was lovely
and now she’s only dead.
Uncertain morality
jumps through empty rage,
incestuous bastard
of the under-aged.

11. Hesitation


The TDG E.S.3 and Rand-dog Wilson

Performed, arranged, produced, mixed, blown and engineered by The TDG.
Programming by Rand-dog Wilson

Additional Artists:
Decibels – some guitar, background vocals
Steve Pound – the guitar that mattered
Eric Chasko – live percussion throughout
Pinky Horrorhole – bass, stone drill

Recorded and mixed at the Chicago Music Complex (Midi Suite)
Cover artwork by Edward Shimborske Jr.
Photography by Lynn Watroba
The TDG Logo by E.S.3 and Sean Burres
All other artwork by Lindsey Lee
Sleeve design and layout by E.S.3 & Michael A. Seday
Typography and additional colorization by Michael A. Seday

Dedicated to the memories of Michael Laird, Greg “Smitty” Smith and Leslie Boothe

“Killer” Keith Bergman– “The Unclean Pimp,” J.P. (bite that style) Riggle, Lindsey Lee, Patrick Keel & Dragon Street Records, Grandma Hanawalt, William “Q” Mullane, Jameson Dreilich, Frank Esposito, Jim Santo, Assmaster & Raging Slab, Grace Hahn, Jim Benson and WBWC, Don & Virginia Morris, ES1 (the original Stash) & Anne, Anti Matter Magazine, Alternative Press, Randy “Wolf” Mikelson, WXUT, WMMS, WBGU, KDGE, WMS-1, NKOTB, The Cleveland Music Group,Yvette, Urban Dance Squad, Nastymix Records, Dennis E. Schroder, David Pistrui & White Records, Section 3 1 5, Niels Schroeter, Danielle Pauer, David Bassin and Nettwerk Records, The Boyz ‘N’ the Wood: (Neff, J.S.3., “Cookie-Puss” Miller, Brady, Poe), Clevo, Kim Bequeath, Laura Silette, John Cross and Knoc Barrage, Tommy “Banopoly” Shim, Anthony “Buddha” Costos, Swoo, C.C. and Cargo Records, Environmental Hazzard, Lisa “Cyndi Slash” Neidbalski, Ken Knab, Alyssa, Joshua “Ferret Dance Of Joy” Shapira, Kevin Keekus and Damien, Terri “Half Jap” Lasher and Allison, the Pound family, Peggy Dossat, Monsterdisc Records, Nancy of WCSU, Jello Biafra, Lynn Watroba, Paula and Steve at Mechanic/Futurist, WXIN, Preston Time, Sherri Lesnick, Chicken-Dog, Addicts With Automatics, Tom “Hot Tin Roof” Lash, Mike “I Am Evil” Mullane, Jason Hamildakis, Zoetrope, Lori Kayko, “Doc” Hameed, Reznor, Leslie “Isis Jones” Fogle, Scarlet Picnic and Kissam I Am, Brian Hill, Matt and ‘Head, Paul Barker, Melea Strimple, Flaw, Steffan “Douglass Do,” Gone In 60 Seconds, Ben “Nipplesauce” Sayed, Frank & Chuck Thomas, Tim & Cindy, Lloyd “Midway” Barosa, Stephen Budd, Illinois Entertainment, Tim Gaiches, Joni the country-spitfire girl, Mr. Yuk!, Slaw, Jeff & Decadent Dub Team, Jon Worley & Aiding & Abetting, Rapid Cell Division, Chooch & My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Brian Daugherty, Gordon & his ‘pecker, Alexander Clarkson, Mike Miller & the Spectrum, Pat Sheehan, False Face Society, The Porn Flakes, Charlotte’s Webb, Amjhad & B-Bop, Boogie Records, Matt No-Sen-Tay, Brian Keating, Sean Gentry, Ogre, Jake’s Saloon, Brian Green, Joe Blanche, American Slug, Wayne and Dr. Dean at Chicago Tattoo (thanx again!), Mike Graves and Forgiveness Row, Kreator, Noel and September First, Mike “Kid Terriyaki” Hall, MC 900 Ft. Jesus, Jack Junior & the girls, Long Life Mason, Tim Gaiches, Chris Andrews and the Spudmonsters, the Neighbargers, Perry & Vambo Marble Eye, Joel Lipman, Wes Orshoski, Unconscious Knowledge, Cheryl Valentine, Ben and Jerry– the Medveds, “Old Man” Rollins, Fat Ass Cafe, Frank Pancreas Peterson, Kane the Beast, Kevin & Gone Daddy Finch, Holly & Brandy, Austin Klapp, Janice (the last of the real woman), Carcinoma, Jason Chasko and the Lupins, Carolyn Wolfe, John “Rise Above” Powers, Big Boy Blue, Sir Topham Hatt, Izzy Stradlin’, Dennity, Nailed to a Cross, Camelot Records (New Orleans), Neato Screwman, “Screamin’” Mimi Addams, Chris “the Engineer” Jones, Jamie Barlow-Kayes & Jason, Sir Francis Drake, Drop Dead, Brian “DJ Wink” Lauber, Oberdier, Massacre Records, Chase B. & the Throwback Brigade, “Battlin’” Bob Shargo, Martha Wilson, Lionel Patterson, Dana “You’re Not My Man” Jill, Steve “Could You Fix My Hat?” Pound, Jude the Obscure, Prong, Eric Chasko, “Pops” Lichman, Robert “Lucifernandez” Hayes, Chris Neal and A Lesser Squid, Mikey & Moe, Beth Salvia, Local Butt Darts #315, Richard Brautigan, de-Monica Matteson, H.S. Squared, Tim “Urban Needle” Ardnt, Lord Byron, Tom Bunge, Bartimeus Willard, Lollabrikida & Celia, CMC (Yo! Vonne, Joe Leonardis, DJ Nice, Tim “to the bone, power of stoned,” Dan Bradshaw, Tom, and Chris “B.K.” Moreford), Urban Warfare & Gerry Saracco and you!

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