Drop Dead

Section 3 1 5

RELEASE DATE:  July 19, 1994
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Hardcore, Heavy Metal

The blistering debut from Pittsburgh’s hard-core heroes — featuring “Life Sentence.” “Blind Side,” and “Unity.”

1. Life Sentence

Trapped in this world of violence and misery,
Quicksand is under my feet, no way to pull me free,
The place some would call a motherfuckin living hell,
Is my home, my sentence, my cell.
But try to see the order of society,
It aint no different for you than it is for me,
It makes me freak into a raging fit,
Cause the whole motherfuckin world has gone to shit.

ITS My . . . chains wont hold me down.
LIFE SENTENCE . . . motherfucker.
ITS MY . . . youll never lock me shut.

Listen to the cries, we hear them everyday,
Another motherfucker was shot
’cause he was in the way,
You cant play God with the life of another man,
Ill be on top, yeah, here I am I stand,
In greater numbers, with my brothers,
Now what do you have to say, wack motherfucker?
You should never bite the hand that feeds,
Cause that motherfuckin hand, it will make you bleed.

ITS My . . . chains wont hold me down.
LIFE SENTENCE . . . motherfucker.
ITS MY . . . youll never lock me shut.

Learn to break free and undermine monotony.
Stray from disrespect and dishonesty,
To grow into the person that you want to be,
You must stand up to face your reality.
You can be any motherfuckin thing you want,
Are you the fuckin hunter or the prey that they hunt?
From what I see, this aint no place to be,
Everybody down here is dying to be free.

ITS MY . . . chains wont hold me down.
LIFE SENTENCE . . . motherfucker.
ITS MY . . . I paid my fuckin dues.

MY . (lock) . LIFE . (shut) . SENTENCE . (no)
MY . (lock) . LIFE . (shut) . SENTENCE . (no)


2. The God in Man

Did you hear the words they said?
The ones they tried to make me hear,
By showing violence.
Do the real men speak their small minds clear?
as sure as the sun goes down
The horror will never leave.
But nothing on this Earth
Compares to all the rage that I feel.

Yeah . . . rage I feel.
Yeah . . . rage I feel.

The only thing I ever feared
Is to see the war as it begun.
Who will hold the power
When the battle is over, said, and done?
Yeah, I can see it now . . .
. . . The motherfuckers will never cease.
Focus power, cage the rage,
I will be the one to remain.

Yeah . . . rage I feel.
Yeah . . . rage I feel.

Now all around me, my world is falling to bits.
Killing, is it the answer? No, the pieces just dont fit.
Take a look around yourself and try to find a way.
Is the human race tomorrow worth fighting for today?

So you know the time will come
When the laws of God will mean no more.
To fight for what is mine, to keep my rights
I hold control . . .
. . . Stop running in circles.

3. Unreal

Heaven was never there,
But Hell will never leave–
It’s a warning from below,
But in warnings, I don’t believe.

(I feel)… Unreal.

Purple, shades of white–
Blackness, it’s all the same,
Filters, from the mind
A crimson spreading stain.
Violence does’t stop
It only lies in wait–
smouldered in the cold
like a heart doused in pain.

(I feel)… Unreal.

Walking on a rope
An inch from the ground,
Falling a hundred years
To where silence has a sound.

4. Cesspool

Hail went to the godless in an age of Christ,
Turn this world upside down with the thoughtless fight.
Through all the wreck, do you walk the beaten path
That time has made for you, time has made for you?

Did you ever think about the tangled webs you weave?
Fucked yourself with a mind-warping thought
It made practice to decieve.
When you’re dead and gone, will you not regret
All the things you’ve done, all the things you’ve said?

No reasons to fear,
No secrets to hide,
No answers to why,
Now I can see,
The end is here,
Now you can die.

So as they say, some people never know–
Is the man you see… is he the man you’ve known?
Somewhere down the road, they fucked your mind.
Now you just won’t fight, fight your endless fight…
Any last words?

5. Blind Side

See what I see?
Here’s how it is to be me.
See what I know?
Sometimes you can’t find your way.

Don’t throw me in the middle of it all,
Don’t make me push you down, make you fall.
Take one step closer, now this is me–
Listen to the words I say, or you’ll be…
Under my wings
Or would you rather be free?
But that’s so far away
From where I want you to go.
Look at me,
Does my life seem so unreal?
Don’t turn away,
How do you think I feel?

Don’t throw me in the middle of it all,
Don’t make me push you down, make you fall.

6. I Answer to No One

A solution that can never begin
To the problems that will never cease.
Why should I answer to you?
Motherfucker, you dont for me.
Thoughts cloud you head, you look back at the past,
No wonder youve never won.
This lesson, son, you have to learn,
Because the pain has just begun.

Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.

Dont tell me how I should live my life
You better worry about your own.
you see, your motherfuckin mouth is too damn big,
you better learn how to keep it closed.
So dont ask me any questions,
In that quest to find the truth,
Remember not to look to hard,
Cause in the end your gonna lose.

Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.
Pain has begun.

PAIN . . . what I inflict, BEGUN . . . it will never cease.
PAIN . . . what I inflict, BEGUN . . . it will never cease.

7. Guilt

I think of all the evil I’ve done in my life,
I’ve lied and I’ve cheated,
I beat your wife.
Like a plague of rats, it rips and it tears–
It changed me from a raging beast, forcing me to care.

Turning from the people and the world that they built–
The only thing I ever feared was a pang of guilt.

Being self-centered is a thing of the past,
I don’t know why it didn’t last–
Now I’m stuck in this fucking rut,
With guilt gnawing at my gut.

I liked it better when I didn’t care
If I was burning men or wood,
So why the fuck are my thoughts and actions
Turning to good?
Thoughts, I scream in anger when I drink–
Probably all the people I’ve killed made me think.

I’ve found so much trouble in my life–
In one hand a shot of whiskey,
The other hand, a nine.
Get so sloppy drunk,
You ask me what it’s for.
But now my life is over,
You slammed the door?

8. Dry Ice

Dry your eyes, wouldn’t that be fun?
Bleed for me, wouldn’t that be fun?
Waste your days, wouldn’t that be fun?
The past, at last, wouldn’t that be fun?

The things I see and hear they weaken me–
The thought of it brings me to my knees.
So as the world is turning, in my head what spins?
And here in my mind, does life exist?
The thought of it, makes me sick.

Fear this world, isn’t that so fun?
Search for truth, isn’t that so fun?

9. Unity

My son, do you believe
We can live in peace without killing each other?
I can see
The future aint so bright, but it makes me stronger.
And in my head,
I have no disbelief in a race or color,
Sex or creed,
Cant you see the pain makes me bleed?

My son, do you believe
Theres a lesson to learn in God given power?
Equal rights,
Theres no reason to fight or kill cause it gets sour.
All my life
I called none my enemies and all my brothers.
The bullshit some feed,
Cant they see the pain makes me bleed?


My son, do you believe
The many years that have gone since weve talked last?
The fight has passed,
Yet the weight of the world rests upon my shoulders.
We must break free,
For I fear the future may never be.
My father said
Understand the pain makes me bleed.

My son, do you believe
That our world has fallen to shit like this?
It makes me pissed.
Why cant one man change it?
Son your grandfather once said
I call none my enemies and all my brothers,
But now I find
We were the enemies all this time.

10. A Period of Time

Locked in this cage–
Will I ever leave?
Standing alone,
These chains feel so real.

Nothing was gained or was it lost?
The truth will unfold,
but it’s not what I thought.
See my life rip at the seams–
Shattering glass will set me free.

No sense of time,
No sense of pain,
No sense of wrong,
Does nothing remain?

Losing control, my weakening strength–
My soul was once blinded, now simply escaped.
These cuts are deep, can’t you see?
Shattering glass will set me free.

Tickled by rage,
Uncontrolled by fate,
Drifting alone,
Time will not wait.

Nothing was gained, or was it lost?
The truth will unfold, but it’s not what I thought.
See my mind rip at the seams–
Shattering glass will set me free.

We would like to dedicate this CD to:
Sgt. Edward J. Klinger (Vietnam 1968-1971), 1950-1994, and Jessica Getsy 1992-1994.
Your memory will live forever.

Section 315:
Clay Peet – percussion
Tim Suto – guitars, backing vocals
Todd Peet – bass guitar, backing vocals
Eric Klinger – lead vocals, guitars

Booking: A Cast of Thousands– Julius Zoller

Recorded at Studio X in Chicago, IL.
Produced by Section 3 1 5 and Randy
Engineered by Randy
Mixed by Randy and Section 3 1 5
Mastered Reel Thing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio
All photography by Chris Glessner
Management: Julius Zoller/Section 3 1 5
Cover artwork by Mark Dilly
Logo: Erik Klinger and Tim Suto
Art design and layout D.E. Schroder & Associates, Michael A. Seday & Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
Technical Consultant Michael A. Seday for SKE, Inc. with help from JCP
All music written and arranged by Section 3 1 5
All lyrics written and arranged by Section 3 1 5,
except “Guilt,” written by Section 3 1 5 and Micah Shimborske

Special Thanx:
Ben Suto for filling in when we needed you
Mike West for the good tattoo work

ERIC: My father, my mother, John Mills, Lynn Smith, my sisters Jaime and Rose, my grandmothers Lois and Dot, my aunt Denise, Donnie, T.J., word to my cousin Keith in the joint, and the rest of my family (thanks, I love all of you). Ed & Kathy Bishop (you guys have been a lot of help!), Edward Shimborske III and the Shimborske family (thanks a million), Michael A. Seday, Sharon Michnay, Dennis Burke, Hakim Eksrobmihs, Lucifernandez, Amy Coll, Beth Coll and the rest of the Coll clan, Niki Miester, Julius Zoller, Craig at Island Tattoo in McKees Rocks, Chris (at D.D.), Ken Nanna (Nannypants), Synister Mynister Hour, Micah “Too Hype” Shimborske, Sewer Caps (Grass Cutter), Al Lopez (Loopus), Dionysus (the God of good wine… and larva), Angela Duncan, Rob Hayes, Blunt Dogg (you ain’t the only motherfuckin’ one!), Jenn Laird, Shawn Sickles and Nat, COINMONSTER, MONOLITH, DREAMSCAPE, CHARLOTTES WEBB, SOCIAL OUTCAST, TRIAGE, CHICKEN DOG, SKELETENSE, EXCEL, LAST RIGHTS, COMA, LEAD BEATER, SOULS AT ZERO, EVICTION, SOCIETY’S PLIERS, UNCONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE, Jimmy Payne, Christine Mullen, Brian Diely, Bruce and Molly Peet (a million thanks!!), Ben Suto and the entire Suto family, SECTION 3 1 5: Clay, Tim & Todd, Zuckafuck, Purple Hayes, The Jerky Boys, Davey DeFazio and his brother Stevey D., (that Gordon is a motherfucker), Dan, Chris Adamiak and his family, to all the motherfuckers who didn’t believe or didn’t want to believe that we would get this far…well…FUCK YOU, here we are!…I thank nobody but myself and the people in this list. I would like to dedicate my efforts on this CD/Cass. to the men, women and families who fought, went through fuckin’ Hell, and paid with their health and/or lives in the Vietnam War– not to mention the men and women who are still there mentally or physically, fighting the war day after day. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!… End racism, the disease of the fuckin’ ignorant.

TIM: My mom, my dad, Benny, Natalie, Joe and Faith, Ann and Greg, Nick and Tracy, Lou, Guy, Bitty, Lindy and Chris, Aunt Maddy, Aunt Ann, Gram, Jan & Joe, Vinny “turn around” Lowe, Beaker, psycho fuck-face animal mother McHoulski, Paul and Brian Shepard, Brian and Danny Bodelicious, Rich L., Bill B., Dave Leven, Dave Goodworth, Tigger, Orbs, Mike Zaken, all you fuckers from Gannon that I forgot to mention, Bobby (you kick ass), all the gym rats at NPBC, Russ Darren, John, Bundy and Social Outcast, Dave and Triage, Mark Peitrich (for letting me borrow the Mesa Boogie), all you fuckers that thought I was full of shit about this recording, very special thanks to Ben Suto for stepping in and playing bass for us even though you didn’t want to– you’re the shit!

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