Section 3 1 5

Section 3 1 5

RELEASE DATE:  June 21, 1996
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Hardcore

The harder-than-thou sophomore release from PGH’s hardest. Featuring ‘Another Dead Soldier,’ ‘Colorblind,’ and ‘One Step.’

1. Breakdown

Tear down the walls of ignorance
That stand so strong around us all
Tear down the fear that makes me hate
Everything that I don’t know

Rise above your arrogance
Open up your force fed mind
You might be surprised at what you’ll see
You’ll be surprised at what you find

Tear down the walls of injustice
That stand so strong around us all
Tear down the fear caused from hate
In all we don’t understand

Rise above your arrogance open up your force fed mind
You might be surprised in what you’ll see
You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find

Breakdown (the barriers of hate) x4

2. Victim of the Modern Age

A real man shares his strength
Never used it in violence
Seems like they try to break the silence
Into the norm, I’m calm before the storm
Some go about it the wrong way

A revolution’s near, but it won’t back down ‘till it’s final
The shit ain’t all that minor
Like back in the day it wasn’t all that bad
I got my ass kicked back when I was young
Now it ain’t the case, it’s all about race
Up in your face with gun – your life is done
Into the norm, I’m calm before the storm
But that ain’t the way to be heard no more

Prisoners of war
Prisoner no more (victim of the modern age)

A real man shares his strength
Never uses it in killing
No remorseful feeling process of healing
Wheeling and dealing to make a little end
What wakes us up from a coma
But the death of a friend

It’s time to make a stand
And not forge the mother fuckers
Cock sucking suckers that try to push me down
Anyone steps up can surely testify
My crew don’t back down from any lot anytime

3. Colorblind

Colorblind, down to the color
Every mother fucker is my sister or brother
But there is no way to say to this very day
You feel hatred for the person of another race

A nation as one divided we will fall
Nothing but bricks that make up the wall
Held together by trust that surrounds us
In order to survive you know that we must
Attack the infection of an unperfected
Vision sought by coalitions
They make their way right to say
But that bitch was paid, you think it’s OK?

What is wrong with this country in which we live
It’s a give and take, but who’s the one giving
If you’re black you wrong, white you’re right
That ain’t nothing but bullshit in my eyes
Racism comes in every color
It’s a waste of time that we’re killing each other
They think they know it all, but they’re small
It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong
I look into the future to see what’s in store
the vision is unclear there is too much war
To see who’s better, but it doesn’t matter
Give up the game because we’re all the same anyway

4. Friends

Trust is trait that I cannot relate
You give it out so much, you seal your fate
Friends stabbing you in the back, but what for?
He’s thinking he’s better, he’s thinking he’s more

Two faced and fake is all that you are
snowed you ass so he could leave a scar
Stabbing me in this back of mine you would rather
Take their word before you take mine
How can you look at me and say “hello”
You ignorant fuck I guess it’s hard to see
You sank so low, but you have to know
That it didn’t hurt me all, all “G”

You think that you’re the man so you stay and play
But when things get rough, you just walk away
you tried to face me once in the past
I’ve got the best of you, hear me laugh last
I’m so fed up with this shit
You almost had me if you didn’t quit
Try to see it from your point of view
Would have played it cool if I were you
Think what you’re doing before you do it
You might not drown in so much shit
People keep telling you again and again
You fucked up bad you spent all your friends

Trust that you betrayed
Respect is all I ask for
Betrayal is what I feel
Now friends are all I need

You can’t even look over this way
Don’t worry punk, I won’t even say
that you were beat by your own game
If you still think I’m look’n you’re still the same
You keep tell’n people I’m com’n to hurt you
If anything punk I’m try’n to avoid you
Hanging around another crew
Are you trying to convince them you’re cool
Walking around like you’re the head of the class
You know that doesn’t work look at the past
It’s all really cool up until the end
When you finally realize you spent your friends

5. Who Are the Enemies

Back stabbin’ mother fucker
You tried to play me for a sucka now pay
‘Cause bitch you’re gonna find out the hard way
All you know is to front and betray
yeah, that’s right ‘G’
I ain’t gonna go and get some of this
It doesn’t matter about the color of my skin

Perpetrating mother fucker
You think your world ain’t going down, but it is
You thought your thought were once yours, but they’re his
What you have to say doesn’t mean shit
Yeha what’s up now
You think you’re a prisoner in a world that’s free
Maybe you are, but not the only one – see

Label everything from black to white
It doesn’t really matter as long as you fight
Be what you are and what you believe
Not by what you’ve heard of or seen
Fake mother fucker, it’s old school to me
Never understand the way you think
Take a look around and what do you see
Wake the fuck up and be free

Ignorant mother fucker
You better step with that stupid ass fronting
If I got something to say I’ll say it to your face
you ain’t nothing but a mother fucking waste!

6. One Step

One step it might be my last chance to prove myself
To all that doubt my will in the past, I will not
Back down to any challenge in life, and I.
Will play the cards that were dealt to me

All of your days are numbered so you don’t when you’ll cash your last check
Don’t sit around moping because something has really gone wrong
Later on you’ll find that your life is not that hard to resurrect
There are more people out there with greater problems each day
So pick yourself up and dust yourself off
Your last battle has yet to be fought

Maybe you’ll find out your life ain’t so hard
Maybe you’ll find out your life ain’t a mess
Maybe you’ll find out you have to play the last card
Maybe you’ll find out you are no less
Maybe you’ll finally take one step
One step

7. Left for Dead

Coming from a hood that gives no respect
My bloods run down the side of my head
Can’t kick me down and leave my ass for dead
You played with a full deck or get wrecked
Rise to the top mother fucka, it’s plain to see
The anger that burns inside of me
Come back stronger and harder than you believe
Their minds were born bread to perceive

Left for dead

Try and hurt me but you never will see
The hatred I feel burns for all eternity
Blood, sweat and tears, my wound will heal
My own fate will

Conquer all that needs to be
Full fledge nightmare to turn to reality
You scum mother fucker you’ll never learn
Try to play me and you will get burned

8. Another Dead Soldier

My pops came home still fighting the war
With his lungs full of poison and his mind full of horror
Did it matter to the opposers if they came home shell shocked
“Boy at least you didn’t come home in a zip lock”

Identify the body by the mark on the toe tag
The shit doesn’t matter when you’re smiling from a body bag
Betrayed by a country that he fought to serve
For a future full of pain, which we did not deserve

Another dead soldier

He starred death in the face in field full of rice
Another country, another race, another worthless loss of life
Missing in America, an M.I.A.
In my own back yard I watched his mind and body decay

From the years of vietnam to this very day
Our families are slaves that america betrayed
A new age of war brings the same damn friction
Now uncle Sam’s got a new gang of bitches

From ashes he came to ashes he returned
Another dead soldier, not america’s concern

9. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I should have thought of that once before
You choose to ignore, then slam the door
Right in my face trust that you break
And forever I live with the pain
I choose to face and not replace
Hold onto the anger, you ask what for?
It’s just a worthless piece of shit
That you call hate and I create
I can not live with or without
It’s individuality
It make you, and I would never doubt

Out of sight
Out of mind

I remember the time, I remember the place
When we were friends, like family
But I’m not so sure anymore
Then one day you got up and left
Left me to face this fuckin place
All alone in a dark and dismal world
You’re such a worthless piece of shit
You walked out on life, never thought twice
About the people that really cared
I remember a time when I called you my brother, that was before
You ain’t my brother anymore


Section 3 1 5:
Ben – bass/vocals
Tim – guitars/vocals
Todd – vocals
Clay – drums

Recorded On Mars Studio
Produced & Mastered: Chris Faiken & Section
Engineered: Bill Korecky

Cover Artwork: Michael Walsh
Photos: Steve Barber/Eric Corbin
Layout & Design: Sin Klub, M. Seday
All songs published by Morris St. James (sin klub)
Tattoos & Piercing : ART Fx (Pittsburgh)

Arcane Productions

Sin Klub Entertainment, The Spudmonsters, Pro-Pain, Insult II Injury, The Cro-Mags, Suffocation, Chronic Groove, Shank 456, 25 Ta Life, This Tortured Soul, Endless, The Porn Flakes, Chicken Dog, Stifle, Grinding Big “O”, Shawn Carr, Art FX Tattoo, Time Bomb Productions, AVS Printing, Bear Claw Graphics, EIDE’S Entertainment, Uncle Toads Tavern, Mars Studio, and to everyone that has ever been there to support us.

Mom & Dad Peet, Angela Loverti, Mark & Dawn Lubbert, Scott White, The Suto Family, Dan Ford, Steve Barbour, Mike Miller, Michelle & Scott, Kim Hawk, Jackie Highton, Cliff & John Pinkerton, Joe Brimier, Don Watt, Brandi, “Boots the Snake”, Eric Klinger, Cheranne Knoch, Joe Kosky, Laura, Paula, Cassandra, Tyler, Lil Vinnie, George, Rick Fuller East Hills Danny, Jim Miller, Tiffany Herndon, T.B. Crew, Matt Boeh, Bozo, John Barrie, Cindy, Melanie, Rob Thomas, S.O. Crew, Chuck & This Tortured Soul, Craig V.G.E., Nikki T. Mario, Alisha, Crystal & Mom Cej, The few who hung out in Chi-Town, Art FX Tattoo, Jason B., The3-2 Crew, ES3, Michael Seday, Tony & Blind Side, To all that I may have forgot, don’t hate me, Thanks to one person who tried to stab me in the back “Friends”. Thanks to all the support from the scene, and to the fans who keep us alive. See ya on the road.

Mom & Dad, Tim Suto, Todd Peet, Ben Suto, Dan Ford, The Suto Family, Eric Klinger, Ingrid Cassel (thanks for all the love and support), Mark Lubbert, The Cassel Family, Chrissy S., ES3, Michael Seday, Don Foose, Skip at Wadell’s Drum Center, Steve O’Connor, East Hills Danny, Scott White, Julius Zoller, Kaz, Mike Popek, Sean Weida, Myself, Derek Schmidt, Brian Brick, Chris Faiken, Phil & Mike Murphy from Chicago, Rob Thomas, The Steelers, Penguins, The West View Crew, Everyone at Sin Klub Entertainment.

My Family, Mom, Dad & all brothers and sisters for your love and guidance, Ann & Greg, Nick & Tracy, Joe, Faith, Alecia & Joshua, Natalie & Ben, Lynn Carlin, Aunts Madiline, Eveeline & Ann, My Gram & God Mother Sue & Collins Family, all of you get my most sincere thanks. Dan Ford, Clay, Todd, Bruce & Molly thanks for the basement and your patience over so many years. Steve O’Connor, Dr. Popek, unreal! Kaz, Wyman. All you people from Toad’s that support us. To all that are overworked and underpaid “GOD BLESS THE WORKING STIFF!” Anyone I forgot to mention sorry. Two people I would like to dedicate this CD to my loving Aunt, Ann V. Suto and to my good friend Tony J. Bisesi for you are both sorely missed. Love Always.

My Family; Mom, Dad, Tim, Joe, Natalie, Ann, Faith, Alecia, Josh, Nick, Maddy & Ann & Evie, My Grandma-Collins Family, Tracy, Greg, Jason, J.J.H., Sean, Jeff, Mom & Dad-Peet, Mr. Bisesi and Family- good luck to you.

The good Lord Jesus Christ for keeping me safe –#3-1-5 for giving me the opportunity to play.

Most of all to: Tony J. Bisesi *1977-1995*
Tony’s death made me realize that death is imminent in all of us and that we must live life day to day because you never know when your time may come. Lastly, friends will come and go throughout a lifetime but family will always be there.