This Metal Coil

Moby Jane

RELEASE DATE:  December 8, 1994
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Alternative Rock, Neopunk

Toledo’s doomy midwestern neopunk supergroup–more cerebral power than the rod of Moses! ‘A Thousand Points of Fright’ and ‘Purple.’

1. Night City

(Lyrics Unavailable)

2. Green (And I Feel Fine)

(Lyrics Unavailable)

3. Purple

(Lyrics Unavailable)

4. Imbrium

(Lyrics Unavailable)

5. Skin

(Lyrics Unavailable)

6. A Thousand Points of Fright

(Lyrics Unavailable)

7. Virtual Paradise

(Lyrics Unavailable)

8. Slacker

(Lyrics Unavailable)

MIGUEL ORIA (vocals, guitar)
BOB BUSH (bass)

All bass tracks played by MIKE WALLE on account of the fact that he was our bass player at the time

Green and Purple written by Corcoran/Hubbell/Oria/Walle
Night City Skin and Virtual Paradise written by Corcoran/Hubbell/Oria
Imbrium, 1000pts. and Slacker written by Oria

Additional Musicians:
MARK MIKEL (keyboards, percussion, additional backing vocals on Green and 1000 pts.)
STEVE SZIROTNYAK (final guitar solo on Slacker)

Produced and Engineered by MARK MIKEL at The Idiot’s Studios
Photography: CHRIS PORTER
Cover Lettering: DOMINIC COOPER

© 1994 Polishing A Turd Music

Thanks to MICHAEL & EDDIE at Sin Klub for their patience and cash, Jeff’s parents for putting up with the noise, everyone who comes to see us and claps, the bar owners who actually pay us a decent wage (you know who you aren’t), and finally GENESIS, SANDRA and TINA for being our own personal “Beths”