False Face Society

RELEASE DATE:  October 31, 1996
LABEL:  Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
GENRE:  Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal

Soul-affirming “heavy metal” from Toledo’s heaviest threesome — often reflective of Native American philosophy and heritage. Features “Goatfloat,’ “Act Metal,” “Spiritually Speaking” and “Hate the Way.”

1. Goatfloat

No, I don’t like the song
You make the kids sing at school
Plastering in their heads false greatness
Of many dead fools
Burn down some trees, build your road
To carry your sick head to your gold
Take, take, take
Don’t know how to give
Civilization sucks – the way we live

Say you’re listening
But you ain’t hearing
You’re watching, not seeing
Don’t bullshit me, stepfather
Try to talk plain
Like my mother

Take, take, take
Don’t know how to give
Civilization sucks – the way we live
I thought it was the land of the free
I found out it was the land of your fee

2. Game Face On

Flying overhead, not camping yet
The unkind water, the river gets
Lots of two-leggeds using it
Your political toilet

I was pointed out by a book
At my confused life, I took a look
Bad water was a rusty hook
Wedged in my powdered gum

I see this and I know this
It was tangled inside my head
Erase it
Can’t erase it
But, that part of me is dead

Slither to edge, now mind content
Storms on the plains – electric scent
Telling the guard who really went
And why she went there
Wave your (Black Hills gold) nugget here
I’ll chop it up
Never got a greedy-bastard look
From a starving man
With a cookbook
Oh! His children’s mouths!

I’ve seen this and I’ve known this
It’s growling inside my head
I bleed this, by this witness
I will not be led

3. Act Metal

Sorry to that pine
He only wanted wood for a mask
Sorry to that pine
He only wanted wood for a mask

You tell me
If I kill a man, I can still go to Heaven
Kill myself and that won’t happen

How much sense
Do you really think this makes?

Prayers from the living to help these people
Black, white, red, yellow – equal

Hear these ways and see that they are true

4. K Cornatas

Fate hands her a cut that won’t heal
A bread cloud says, “Famine.”
And outlines no meal
And pig dogs are laughing
They’ll smile no more
When the whistles blow

They’ll cry, “Oh my God!”
But they’ll mean, “All my gold”

An hour on Sunday for salvation delight
Whipping two tongues at the same time
They’ll make you an outcast for being yourself
It’s a social club

7. Hate the Way

The first to come should have left
And I hate the way you woe
Should have left, a long time ago
Your father gave them diseased clothes
In an attempt to kill one’s who know
About spirits and the Earth

Hey George Washington
Why don’t take those clothes
And clothe the back of your throat
Mr. Columbus – get your rodents on the boat
And take them back home

If your religion’s so correct,
then why does killing flow?
Why can’t you admit that you are money’s whore?
People have different names
For the same god
We all worship the same god

Now I’ve watched you move trees aside
To make space for your car to hide
You’re pissing in your water well
Pollution is what you sell
Keep saying it won’t hurt the environment
The Maumee River – why can’t we drink from it?

We’ve made angels bleed
And animals flee their homes
Created disease – to make us lay down our robes
Earlier than planned

8. Spiritually Speaking

Do you see how the seasons are overlapping?
I hear our Earth Mother cry, she is unhappy
She gives us life, she gives us what we need
Still we poison her and rape her with our greed

We’ve made kids think food comes from a store

A field of play with money in demand
That hole in your thoughts
I know it wasn’t planned
They say they can’t help
I know he can (W.B.E.)
Crying out for a Yuwipi medicine man
For my friend

You make me sad when you chop trees down
For your parking lots
And for your pocket books
I know you’ve been educated this way
Health and help for all my relations, I pray

We’ve made kids think food comes from a store

9. Ladders to Fire?

I saw a deer in the woods yesterday
I asked him how he was
He said, “Your brothers have taken my home
And my children have nowhere left to play.”

I apologized for my brothers
I am a humble white man, you see
Society tries and tries to kick
The spirit out of me
But it can’t!

10. About Listening (I. With The Dirt, II. Pulling Sky, III. A New Part)

I. With the Dirt

Sitting in a spiritual gaze
Four days in the hole
Something I dream about
But haven’t done yet
I look around and see
The concrete wilderness
The Great Lakes become
Your puddles of nuclear piss
How much are you going to take
Before you start to give?

II. Pulling the Sky

III. A New Part

You extended your mind’s confusion
Holding out one hand
Green frog skin in plenty
To colonize the land
It’ll make your belt too tight
Fill your head with tar
I see your dad traded you
For a more important car
Don’t have to wait for containment
A kick in the face
Will make you famous
Now there are few new ways to win
A new part, like ink in skin
Tell us you fight for justice
Then arrest us for mopery
Tell me it’s free with purchase
But is that really free?
You say it’s hell watching a new day

False Face Society:
Steve Wells – vocals, guitar, piano
Chris Gustafson – bass
Ev Harris – drums

All music written and arranged by False Face Society, BMI
All lyrics by Steve Wells, BMI

Engineered and mastered by Chris Stoll at Audiomatrix – Toledo, Ohio
Produced by False Face Society and Chris Stoll

False Face Society logos, art direction, and concepts by Steve Wells
Photo credits: Todd Dutched, Chris Kettman, Edward Shimborske III, Todd Evans, and Stezo Washington
Final layout: Michael Seday, SKE, Inc.

Sample taken from an episode of M*A*S*H

Steve thanks: The Great Spirit; My mom for believing in me when no one else did; Dave, Laura, Geoff II, Robert Wells and all members of the Wells/ O’keefe/ Yaros/ Beckman clan; My Dad and Martha Wells; Chris Graves; Chris Kettman; Mike Hill and family; Todd Evans; Matthew A. Donahue; Keith Bergman; E.S.3; Lloyd Barosa; Michael Seday; Everyone at S.K.E.; Howard Kolb; Mike Liedtke; Jamie Siler; Todd Dutched and family; Chris and Pam Clayworth and Earth Spirit; Chief Soft Shell Turtle Netz of the Lumbee Nation; Pat “Oke” Okerbloom; Josh Spitler; Aaron Weisbrod; Mike Lynch; The Black Swamp Deer Clan, Keven Tufts; Ben Sayed; Pat Schenevar; Infinite Art; Toledo Tattoo; Wallace Black Elk; “Buschin’” Bob Revell, Erich Burger; Chris Monaghan; Toledo Mud Hens; The Williams brothers; Barbara Zulch and family; Big Don Studios-Lewiston, Michigan; Chris Stoll; Rob Kimple; Leslie Neilson; Kevin Chez for giving me Ev’s number; Keith Porter; Bernie; Everyone at M*A*S*H 4077th; Jon Stainbrook; anyone I may have forgotten, sorry!; and all those who learn about, respect, and live close to the earth, who is our Mother.

Ev thanks: The Music Maker Upstairs; My family; My tolerant roommates- Dave Chandler and Kristie Harris; My great friends-Bernie, Brad, Jason, Mark, and Rebecca; Chris G. for showing tremendous courage and never missing a beat; Steve and Chris for choosing me; Porn Flakes for making shows fun to play; Todd Dutched for all the Kiss news; My friends at American Frame for support; Everyone who bought shirts and tapes from me; Dallas Cowboys for making the 90’s a great decade; *Very special thanks goes out to Bernie Strouse and Rebecca Prothero for never missing a show and showing great support; To Mark Havel for traveling so far so often to see me play; I wish all my friends and family (immediate and extended) the best.

Chris thanks: My friends and family; Chris Stoll; Michael and Eddie; Dr. Michael Healy for enabling me to be here; Stacey Gustafson; Dave Werbiansky; Chris Graves; Chris Kettman; Chris Monaghan.

The band thanks: Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc; Michael and Eddie; The Glass Eye; B.G. News; WXUT 88.3 FM; The Club “PORTSAYED!” (R.I.P.); The Asylum; Pete at Zi-Tune; Pillar Productions; Pat and Boogie Records; Audiomatrix; Porn Flakes; Lazy American Workers; Thessalonian Dope Gods; Chicken Dog; Universe Crew; Bobnoxious; Evolotto; Five Horse Johnson; Speedball; Saul; Social Decay; The artists formerly known as Lb.; Trash Can Tribal; and Burnouts Against Dams (B.A.D.)