Background Information


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Punk, Ska, Hip-Hop

Years Active:




Past Members:

Bill Fulmer
Smoove Jones

Walt – vocals
Dave – guitar
Scarfo – drums
Inspectah – bass
Ernie – vocals, ganjavitis
Katie – sax
Timbob – trumpet

They’ve never had a pressing social agenda, don’t have big hair, and can’t be accused of being snotty and affected musicians. But lemmie tell ya — Pittsburgh’s Bunjie Jambo are always good for a solid bongload of tasty ska-flavored punk abandon! Made up fine, upstanding, young lads, Bunjie celebrates life each and every day playing pinball, drinking iced-tea, eating candy and entertaining brimming crowds of people with beaute-rock, their own unique blend of ska-punk made for you beautiful folks! But, call it what you will, Bunjie Jambo aim to please with turbo-charged sets that are fun for the whole family, and critically acclaimed throughout the States!

Bunjie got together ten years ago in a much earlier and worse incarnation featuring Ernie and Pelse. Dave was turned up through an old drummer, and after a line-up shakedown, the rest fell into place. Bunjie’s sound developed as they ran with their punk influences, peppering occasional songs with ska references. Once the band saw how well it went over, and how much fun it was to play, though, they started moving toward that sound. The approach has worked well, landing the group opening slots for the likes of Kid Rock, the Melvins, 311, the Blue Meanies, Karma To Burn, Let’s Go Bowling, Mephiskapheles, MU330, the Voodoo Glow Skulls, and even Anal Cunt.

Bunjie’s do-it yourself punk spirit fueled a 7″ (Dummy Wipe) and nonstop regional touring (at least twenty-one states) before Sin Klub Entertainment stepped in with a contract. The result was Morning Breath, the band’s critically-acclaimed 1993 debut full-length. New York’s Music Paper claimed, “the slammin’ blend of punk, hardcore, thrash, Zappa, funk, metal and reggae is rockin’ enough to kick yer ass and force you to play it again.”

Then, in 1996, Bunjie Jambo issued their long-awaited sophomore release, All Balled Up, a record that caught the band and their intensity at the first real innacle of their career. While absolutely nothing could compare to seeing their music live, this home version wasn’t too less combustible! In fact, “Franco American,” still stands as an unrivaled ode to football great Franco Harris, while “Irie Balled,” which finds the boys paying homage to their third greatest passion – pinball, still smokes!

In 1999, Grappler Entertainment, in a joint agreement with SKE, stepped in to release Potty Karate, the band’s greatest effort to date. Fueled by 14 tracks, including a cover of the AC/DC classic “Walk All Over You,” the band set out on their “Who’s Got the Can Opener” US tour, which found them everywhere from Ocean City, MA, to Nashville, TN.

Bunjie Jambo love to spread their message of fun and all things good and sugary by playing anywhere and everywhere for anyone interested in having a good time. Simply put, the band is looking for more of the same stuff that fueled the unexpected success of their first three records — more pot, more shows, more writing, more tours.