Michael Seday

Jeff de Hart
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Sin Klub Entertainment

Sin Klub Entertainment was created in 1991 by Michael Seday and Edward Shimborske III as a vehicle to release deserving music made by relatively unknown musicians. The two Ohioans met at WXUT, Toledo University’s college radio-station, where Seday (BA in Communications and minor in Marketing) was employed as music-director — Shimborske approached him about playing some of his own original tunes on Seday’s local-music program (early Thessalonian Dope Gods tracks). As it turns out, Seday loved Shimborske’s work, and the two starting hitting the shows together (from Detroit to New York). Seday then invited Shimborske (BA in English) into the music department, making him assistant MD, and the two began working together reviewing and programming tons of music. Oh, and they also worked for the same Toledo record store chain – Villa Records – without knowing it, peddling urban music in makeshift inner-city stores while hitting the books and spinning records.

In 1991, they came across local Cleveland act Environmental Hazzard, a thrash-based band who had submitted a demo for play, and the two loved what they heard. Thus, “Someone should put this record out!” became the adopted philosophy Seday and Shimborske started the label on. As a result, Seday’s lifelong dream to become a dentist was temporarily put on hold.

The two raised money on their own accord and put out the band’s groundbreaking debut, One Stands Alone, which brought the small label plenty of regional attention, charted in the College Music Journal’s metal section, and allowed the band to perform live in a host of different markets. The label’s success grew throughout the ‘90s with historic recordings by Bunjie Jambo, Porn Flakes, False Face Society, Chicken Dog, Five Horse Johnson, the Thessalonian Dope Gods, and Evolotto.

Unlike most independent labels, Sin Klub has never “signed” bands according to genre or region. As a result, the label’s catalog embodies everything from metal and blues-rock to industrial and hip hop and spans over thirty full-length releases from bands’ across the Midwest. The label’s mission has never been to harvest revenue from the band’s work, but to (hopefully) break even with each project (or make enough to reinvest into other acts) and propel the artists to greater opportunities. It is truly an artist-driven label with emphasis placed squarely on the creative aspect of development. The SKE task-force sees this as a “glorified hobby,” and the dynamic duo in charge continue to work day-jobs and pursue outside interests. They have yet to betray punk-rock attitudes in favor of fame and fortune. There’s actually an element of reality at work…

Sin Klub strongly supports independent, underground artists, realizing far too much talent goes unnoticed by bigger labels and smaller minds. And though the roster of active bands is always in rotation, the label has had the opportunity to work with a lot of good folks in a lot of different ways. Thus far, SKE has had the chance to work with Kid Rock, Pervis, Lucky Boys Confusion, Consolidated, Colossus of the Fall, Gwar, Dan Hicks, Pro-Pain, Nash the Slash, Lollipop Lustkill, Five Horse Johnson, Speedball, Tom Spacey, Agony Column, etc. And, oddly enough, the label and bands have developed a very supportive following among entertainers – supermodel Michonne Bourriague (who plays femme-fatale bounty hunter Aurra Sing in Star Wars: Episode One) posed for the cover of an Evolotto record, while children’s author and illustrator Dan Yaccarino (the man who created Nick Jr.’s Oswald the Octopus) designed a TDG piece.