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Label: Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: 2000
Catalog Number: SK016
Format: 3xCD, Digital

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  1. Tom Spacey – Drone
  2. Kung Fu Grip – Vent
  3. SugarBuzz – Please
  4. Studbull’s Disco Biscuit – Brainz
  5. Gold Tooth Display – Cover the Ground
  6. Dirt – Gimme
  7. Feckweed – Suite 130
  8. Fringe – F.C.S.
  9. The Sprags – Girl Worth Getting
  10. Everydaypain – Moralize
  11. Porn Flakes – What They Hittin’ Foe?
  12. Damien – Wacko Messiah
  13. The Corevares – Holiday Weekend
  14. Tastes Like Chicken – Appalachian Rhapsody
  15. Note to Self – Appreciation
  16. Static Rituals – By Means of an Electrolytic Process / Fast Talkin’ Jack Took Third
  17. Big Blues Bob & the Thin Ice Band – Hi Heel Sneakers
  18. Kaut – Downfall
  19. The Pop Quiz – Hindsight


  1. Nash the Slash – Boya’s Revenge
  2. Evolotto – Kiss
  3. Three Penny Pussy – Baby Got Both
  4. Lollipop Lust Kill – Knee Deep in the Dead
  5. Speedball – Team Blowout
  6. Ivet – Tear It Down…
  7. Josh Boyd & the V.I.P. Band – Love
  8. State of Cykosis – Television Devils
  9. Favorite Action Hero – Applejab
  10. All Time Low – Borrowed Time
  11. Jericho Turnpike – Wasted
  12. Thessalonian Dope Gods – Polaris Tongue
  13. Agony Column – Mountain of Rock
  14. The Pillbugs – Captain Nemo
  15. Next2Nothing – Because Nobody Cared
  16. Mo – Smoke
  17. Trunkmuscle – Craving the Fix
  18. Bitter – Hey Mom
  19. Local Anesthetic – Hung Jury
  20. Jank – White Boys


  1. The Living Dead – Liar
  2. Çanister – This Big World
  3. Lucky Boys Confusion – Masala
  4. Chicken Dog – Pigeon Guidance
  5. Uncle Knucklefunk – Proclamation 13
  6. Ribcage Houdinis – Teeth Like Stars
  7. Hell’s Kitchen – Hunt (Full Mix)
  8. Gone Daddy Finch – Don’t Let Her Push You
  9. Endless – I Can’t Save Myself
  10. One Thin Dime – 2-1 Posse
  11. False Face Society – On Your Shelf
  12. Kitchen Knife Conspiracy – Dead By Sunrise
  13. Rocket 88 – 16 Bucks & Blue
  14. Blue Skies Burning – Driving Down King
  15. Dan Hicks – $100,000 (Live)
  16. Victory Flag – Fallen
  17. Bone’s Garage – Crushing Faith
  18. Bunjie Jambo – Ice Princess (Demo Version)
  19. The Rev-Upz – Rearranged
  20. Lazy American Workers – Pocket Full of Ephedrine
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Dan Hicks – Nash the Slash – Agony Column
Blue Skies Burning – Damien – Ivet – Lucky Boys Confusion

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Executive Producer: ES3
Concept: ES3 / Ed Shimborske Jr. / Michael Seday
Band Selection: ES3

Layout: Michael Seday
Cover: Ed Shimborske Jr. (pen and ink) Sean Burres (color)
Director of Photography: Cati Leigh

Mastered by Chris Stoll at Audiomatrix, 29 South Erie Street,Toledo, OH 43602, 419-243-3000, chris@audiorestoration.com
* Written by: Ice Cube
**Written by: T. Tucker, Checker Records, 1964

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Exposed III marks the third-generation of Sin Klub’s extended family tree, revealing an even more diversified selection of Midwest talent than either Exposed or Exposed II — but maybe that’s probably because a lot has happened to Sin Klub and the immediate scene since the last compilation in 1995. As is expected in this balmy profession, Sin Klub lost a few bands to both the pitfalls of the business and inevitable disinterest, yet picked up a few more promising acts to round out the family. In the meantime, we saw an overabundance of bands break it off and move away or simply disintegrate alongside original music clubs. Yet, on a more promising note, we saw friends and acquaintances move on to better and bigger things (remember, Kid Rock was featured on Exposed II) – we’re glad we could help any of ’em on their way up. In fact, last year found Sin Klub itself branching out as well, merging with Cleveland International on certain titles and artists (Bunjie Jambo, Porn Flakes), working with Lumberjack Distribution on another (Irwin) and heading overseas for some projects. After eight years in the business, and over 25 releases, we can honestly say, “It’s about time!”

Since those first two eminent comps, a host of other titles and projects have popped up, clubs have come and gone, ‘zines have dwindled away, contacts have long dried up. We know it’s a long, hard road, or as AC/DC decry, “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock ‘n’ roll!” It seems that everything has turned into big-business, and the grassroots have been scythed away by all-encompassing suits who know more about LL Bean than LL Cool J. And if you’ve turned on the radio in the last six years, you know what I’m talking about – it’s ghastly!

Sadly, college-radio and ‘zines are two of the few outlets for original, experimental music (but try getting some of these college music-directors to call you back). We hope this comp works to the bands’ advantage as its predecessors did, ’cause there’s some great stuff included here – as you read this, copies are already on their way to outlets where they will surely be appreciated. And, if you’re reading this, and want to help out in any way, give some of these bands a call (book ’em, interview ’em, drop ’em a line, spin ’em on your radio-show, present their music while in front of large crowds, show ‘n’ tell, play ’em for all your friends, etc). I’m hoping, too, that all the bands included will pool together their far-reaching resources and do a little cross-pollination to trade shows and contact numbers (hint, hint).

Exposed III stands as a crossroads this time around. Sure, there are a ton of bands represented here with embryonic recordings, but it also marks the last frontier for others. What you hold in your hand may well be the final chapter in the long-winding stories of Agony Column, Damien, False Face Society, State Of Cykosis, Feckweed or Chicken Dog, and the first chapter in the careers of Favorite Action Hero, Tom Spacey, John Boyd, Kitchen Knife Conspiracy, Cannister and Everydaypain. Then again, maybe not – you gotta keep your eyes peeled!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit every band we wanted onto three-discs (unbelievably, some just missed the year-plus-long dragging dead-lines), so don’t take this disc at point-blank – it’s merely a representation of a single time and place — a snapshot, if you will. And you’ll have to excuse the dissimilarity of some of these recordings – they were pieced together from various studios and home workshops, and even from some live recordings. As a result, there’s some righteously professional stuff included, and more than a few tracks that sound like they were recorded in someone’s ass!

Lastly, extra-special thanks go out to Chris Stoll and Audio-Matrix for keeping the wayward pace, the bands who got involved early then waited around forever, artists Ed Shimborske Jr. and Sean Burres, the entire SKE propaganda machine, and James Thompson and Danny Lopez (who let us ransack the kitchen for dog pix).

Edward Shimborske III
President, SKE

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