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Label: Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: August 1, 1994
Catalog Number: SK002
Format: 2xCD, Digital

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  1. Loppybogymi – Run
  2. Twin Osmond – Enemy
  3. Chicken Dog – Workhorse of the Clouds (Live)
  4. Mike Graves – I Want Out
  5. Thessalonian Dope Gods – RIP Liz ’69
  6. Moby Jane – Crust
  7. Boogie Man Smash – Meteor Song
  8. Studbull’s Disco Biscuit – Broken Leg
  9. False Face Society – M*A*S*H Potatoes
  10. Trash Can Tribal – Wrong
  11. Rare Species – What Can You Do with This Rhyme? (TDG Remix)
  12. Weeds from a Perfect Garden – Outlet
  13. Pervis – Rotten Tuna
  14. Chase B. & the Throwback Brigade – Black Rain
  15. Paris Green – The Meal
  16. Pounce International – Every Man a God
  17. Human Prey – Driven By Insanity
  18. Tomorrow’s Clown – High On


  1. Gone Daddy Finch – Part of the Deal
  2. Colossus of the Fall – Brick By Brick
  3. Indian Rope Burn – Strike
  4. Section 3 1 5 – Colorblind
  5. Slack Jaw – Not Guilty
  6. Porn Flakes – Dave
  7. The Mark Mikel Hallucination – Daddy (Can I Have My Gun)
  8. Transcend – Anachronism
  9. Stone Deep – Gangs and the Government
  10. The Stain – Soul Sign
  11. Universe Crew – Stranger in the Pentagon
  12. Dodge Ball – Fate
  13. lb. – Heavy Large
  14. W.A.K.O. Squad – Str-8-dogg
  15. Five Story Fall – Puppethead
  16. Adam Roth & Psychic Penguin – Street of Churches
  17. Urban Needle – Wish You Dead
  18. Harms Way and the L.S.G.H. Clan – Chupale Mi Verga
  19. Kid Rock – Bull God (Talk Box Version)
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  1. Mike Graves (now of The Corevares, formerly of Forgiveness Row) appears with a solo acoustic track that features Eric Oblander of Five Horse Johnson on harmonica.
  2. Studbull’s Disco Biscuit features most of Environmental Hazzard.
  3. Rare Species, a short-lived rap trio from Toledo, appear with an indutrialized remix done by The Thessalonian Dope Gods.
  4. Section 3 1 5 are included with Eric Klinger on vocals; he now resides in The Spudmonsters as guitarist.
  5. Nashville’s Stone Deep collect members of Interscope’s Hard Corps and guitarist Glen Cummings (of Scatterbrain and Ludichrist).
  6. Ex-Jive recording artist Kid Rock appears with a remixed non-album track.
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Mastered & SEQUENCED at: Studio X, 2239 South Michigan Ave. Chicago, Il 60616 (312-326-1979)
Mastered by: Randy Wilson and ES3
Compiled by: ES3

Cover – Sean Burres
Disk 1 – Sean Burres
Disk 2 – Joseph Shesko III
Inlay – Jeff Tackett
Original SKE Logo: Ed Shimborske, Jr.
Layout: Michael A. Seday

Year of: 1995 Help us spread the word

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For the past 5 years, we at Sin Klub Entertainment have been laboriously tottering through a series of different progressions. Starting with our landmark release in 1991, Environmental Hazzard’s One Stands Alone, we’ve managed to snake our way through a lot more CDs and cassettes, a successful publication venture (The Glass Eye), a slew of publishing rights for bands and a joint book publishing company. Why it seems just like yesterday that we released our first compilation CD, Exposed: A Collection of Toledo Area Bands.

But more importantly, throughout the past five years, our company has had the opportunity to humbly engage with a lot of really talented bands and people, enabling us to broaden our immediate scope. Whether we’ve have helped set up a show, given advice or merely evaluated a tape for review, we’ve bumped into quite a few bands from quite a few places in the past five years. And though we would like to work with each and every band included on this CD, we are but a wee independent company, and thus, that is quite impossible. For that reason, these bands need to find more probabilities, and nicer homes. And if Sin Klub Entertainment can help these bands network with other bands and areas by using what we all know, then hot damn, that beloved result might very well be consummated when you pop this sucker in! Remember, like the food chain, the music industry starts with small fish–so give these bands a call if you can help ’em out, or just write and say, “You guys rock!” Two years ago, one of the bands on the first Exposed compilation received a call from Alaska from somebody who just wanted to say they appreciated their music–that’s what keeps a band’s momentum going.

As a comp-junkie, I’m going to be fairly boastful in saying that this is a darn good collection of tunes by a lot of good bands, but only time will tell if it really holds up. I’m betting it will, and everyone involved in this project has got my back!

Props to all the bands involved, Michael A. Seday & Sharon E. Michnay, Pamela & Steve Popovich, Tim Gaichas and the Gargoyle (RIP), Greg & The Toledo Underground/Preview Entertainment, Ben Sayed & the Club, Rob Croak & Frankies/Main Event, B-Bop Records, Pat & Boogie’s, Peggy Dossat, Jack Little, Berto/Anthony & the Asylum, Scene Magazine (Cleveland), the Odeon Concert Club & Dave Brown, the Phantasy, Pete and Roxanne’s, Ramy & Carol’s Time and Place, the Grog Shop, Lisa Mattingly, Chris Andrews, Giselle Fleming, Sam & Shelly and Whit’s End, Peabody’s, the Cleveland Agora, WBGU, WXUT, WBWC, WENZ & “Inner Sanctum,” (Johan & Pat), WSCN, WMMS, NRM & Sean Rutkowski, CMG, Camelot, Dawn & Rock and Roar promotions, the SKE families and friends, David Yonke & The Blade, Jim Clevo, The (original) Spectrum & Mike Miller, Wes Orshoski, the Skinny Records posse, Alan Campbell, CMJ, Alternative Press, Jim Benson and all who support original artists. Peace!

Edward Shimborske III
Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc. President

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