Label: Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: November 1, 1992
Catalog Number: SK011
Format: Cassette, Compact Disc, Digital

Track Listing:
  1. Vambo Marble Eye - Planet
  2. Generra Pantera - Torches
  3. Anthony Makes - Down Ashley's Alley
  4. Help Wanted - Better Times Ain't Comin'
  5. Environmental Hazzard - Hype (Demo)
  6. Surrounded by Jeds - Can't Break
  7. One League Onward - Fire Greenhouse Hoses
  8. The Rivermen - Blackshoe Cake Walk
  9. The Restroom Poets - We Are
  10. Gone Daddy Finch - I Don't Hope for Her
  11. Thessalonian Dope Gods - P.H.B.Y.L.
  12. Stephen Budd - Blackbird
  13. Tin Ponies - Malleus Maleficarum
  14. Dog Solitude - 19 Hours
  15. September First - Carnivore Rising
  16. The Saints - Can't Get Enough of You
  17. The Catch - Way Gone
  18. Church of Sound - More!
Of Interest to Collectors:
  1. Vambo Marble Eye's "Plant" (from their debut CD Two Trick Pony) appears as "Planet," surely a mistake by some long-since-discharged SKE executive.
  2. Cleveland's Environmental Hazzard appear with "Hype," a half-finished tune that wasn't included on their debut.
  3. The Thessalonian Dope Gods show up with "PHBYL," a variation on "Because Of Color" with guest vocalist Dan Bradshaw fronting the mic.
  4. One League Onward turned into Colossus of the Fall and released a CD on Doghouse Records, and eventually turned into Omaha and likewise released a CD on Doghouse.
  5. Dog Solitude turned into Moby Jane and recorded This Metal Coil on Sin Klub.
Album Credits:

Compiled by: Michael A. Seday for Sin Klub Entertainment, Inc.
CD Assembly and Digital Editing: Denny Lynn Productions, Toledo
CD Technical Consultant: Jim Clevo & Michael A. Seday

Front/Back Photo by: Edward Shimborske III
Inside Photo by: Dianne Spence
Art Direction/Type/Design: D.E. Schroder & Associates, Michael A. Seday, E.S.III
Printing Done by: Sam Musk

Thanks List:

Special Thanks: This CD is just a taste of what Toledo has to offer. Many thanks to the artists that participated and to the clubs that support the local scene.

Thanks to: WXUT, Frankies & Rob Croak, ESIII, Dennis Schroder, Sharon Michnay, Jude (the butt), "Killer" Keith, Edward Shimborske, Jr. (S.K. logo), S.K.E. Families, Alternative Press, Jim Clevo, Jim Benson (WBWC), Wayne Clagett, Denny Lynn, Cyprus Rock Cafe, Frank Esposito, WBGU, Stephen Budd, Waves F.P Mall and to all of you that support these artists, because without the local scene there'd be no scene.

Michael A. Seday (Sin Klub Entertainment)