Matt Meyers: Bass, Main Vocal Idiot
Gary Pelini: Guitar, Growl and Sneer
George Tucker: Drums and Broken Bones


Formed 5 years ago by Matt and Gary Valve has been busy spreading the message of old school punks’ unity and tolerance. Fueled by rapidly growing fans in the Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan area Valve is one of Ohio’s up and coming talents.

Now with their recent joining of Sin Klub Entertainment, Valve is moving out to spread the good word across the east coast. With the two years of service from their drummer (finally completing the band), George and the boys have put together a live show that puts most porn to shame.

We here at Valve promise complete satisfaction in giving you, our people, the kind of sonic excitement you requested, and deserve, We will NOT bow down to the computer driven age of rave, but intend to deliver the root of revolution your grandfather will be proud to call: “The American Way.”


Full Flava’d

Self-released, 1999
  1. All About the Last Minute
  2. Ton of Bricks
  3. Get It Right
  4. The Big Sweep
  5. Snoopy
  6. Brookwood Hall


Sin Klub, SK027, 2000

  1. The Big Sweep
  2. Clear
  3. Ohio
  4. Rise up Little Man
  5. Get It Right
  6. Snoopy
  7. Touch My Insides
  8. Society Boy
  9. Ton of Bricks
  10. Pro You
  11. Impossible
  12. Sam
  13. The Buck Stops Here
  14. Pop a Wheelie
  15. Brookwood Hall
  16. All About the Last Minute
  17. Tater Tot