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Joanne Rodriguez as J-Rod Godruigez – vocals
Craig Bjerring as Ol’ Dirty Craiger – guitar
Brendon Ehinger as Jonny B. Snaxxx – bass
Chris Bauer as MAMA – drums 

If anybody were ever naïve enough to flippantly pronounce rock’n’roll dead, I’d belligerently leap to my feet and forcibly shove this monstrous, overpowering disc straight down his or her throat. Aslong as TheVagiants aurally reign the land, spirited rock’n’roll unruliness will never die! Thisis themost raucous, ass-shakin’ sonic spasticity to crazily careen out of my stereo speakersin the entirety of my wild and drunken existence. It’s pure, unadulterated rock’n’roll ferociousness with trashy and snarlin’ streetwalkin’ vocals, fiery high-voltageguitar eruptions, and an uncontrollable seismic roar of bass-thumping savagery and drum-bashing barbarism. It’s cacophonously akin to Tina Turner fronting a sleazy, speed-addled “super group” consisting of The Stooges, AC/DC, and The Bellrays(only TheVagiants are 100 times more crushing, frenzied, and bad-ass!). Thehard-partyin’, sin-inspired anthems contained herein areguaranteed to robustly stir your wildest sexual desires and feverishly fuel your unquenchable thirst for all things decadent and hedonistic in life. Not since The Stooges’ “Raw Power”, AC/DC’s”Dirty Deeds”, or The Supersuckers’ “The SmokeOf Hell” hasrock’n’roll sounded so thunderously primitive, electrically frenetic, and vibrantly untamed. Damn, TheVagiants havedone set my ears aflame! — Roger Moser, Jr. Freelancemusic writer, Austin TX.

Inspired by 60s garage, 70s arena rock and 80s metal. TheVaGiantsformed in late 2000 with one singlepurpose in mind. That purposewasto rock like they had never rocked before. W ell, they do… Period. Hailing from W innipeg, Manitoba Canada— thegeographic center of North America and Slurpie™ capital of theworld — The VaGiants use their powerstowin over an ever-growing legion of fans.

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