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Current Line-up:

Keith Bergman – drums, vocals (2001 – Present)
Micah Shimborske – guitar (2001 – Present)
Nick Shallcross – bass (2001 – 2002, 2009 – Present)

Former Members:

Mahlon Orrin – bass (2002 – 2009)


Named after an old Pabst Blue Ribbon ad slogan (“PBR Me ASAP”), The PB Army formed in early 2001 when Micah and Keith, both veterans of local heroes Chicken Dog, decided to re-enter the rock game with new songs and new enthusiasm. The duo had played over 200 shows in Chicken Dog and released one CD, The Other White Meat, in 1997, before the band broke up in 1998. After their self-imposed hiatus (during which time Micah began learning recording and engineering, and Keith opened his own record store) the two were more than ready to get back on stage.

After numerous vocalist auditions ranging from the awkward to the really awkward, Bergman took over the lead vocal position, providing new life for tired old Don Henley and Phil Collins jokes for years to come. The PB Army was formed in 2001, making their live debut with guest bassist Schmid (of Ohio rockers Evolotto), the band recruited Nick Shallcross to permanently fill the position. Currently, The PB Army is playing a slew of regional dates and writing material, with an eye toward releasing a full-length CD in the spring of 2002.

With bassist Mahlon Orrin, the band cut two albums, 2003’s Inebriates, Equivocators and Mockers of the Devil Himself and 2005’s Spine For the Snapback. Several years of health problems, lineup uncertainty, and booking difficulties followed, although the band has maintained a live presence and has toured as recently as late summer of 2007. After taking most of 2008 off, the band reunited with original bassist Nick Shallcross in 2009 and resumed work on their long-delayed third album.

The PB Army has shared the stage with some really nice people, including Clutch, Monster Magnet, The Liars, High on Fire, Jucifer, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls, Heroine Sheiks, Dixie Witch, Amplified Heat, Honky, Solace, Novadriver, Tricky Woo, Alabama Thunderpussy, Sixty Watt Shaman, Five Horse Johnson, Broadzilla, and probably more that we can’t remember. We’ve done some really horrible tours and some really fun ones, we’ve been on a few compilations (some of which we actually got copies of), we’ve sold lots of shirts and most of the CDs we’ve printed, and overall we’ve had a good enough time that we keep at it long after anyone with half a brain would have gone home.

The PB Army is a heavy stoner/groove rock band. People have compared their music to that of Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Soundgarden, and various other strange and inaccurate things. The PB Army will play your back yard for sandwiches and beer!

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