The Click U Can’t Get With:

The Almighty Digital Musik Assassin
The Mystic Golden Child of Stylistics
The Subliminal Skitsofranic Rhymer D’enemie

Midwest recording artists, Rare Species recently signed with Sin Klub Entertainment, and have perfect a new consciousness within current rap trends. The Species actively perform their compelling Off Tha Wall flavor through live performances and interviewing. Also, the Species is currently putting the final touches on their forthcoming CD, The Platonic Ideal and the soundtrack for a new TV talk show.

Kelvin, “The Mystic Golden Child of Stylistics” Posey, a Cleveland native, pimps the tracks while exerting effortless flow. In addition to his captivating lyrical show, the ‘Mystic One’spontaneously inserts entertaining magical illusions to further direct live audiences to an exhilarating high!

Also, Guylynn, ‘The Subliminal Rhymer D’enemie’ Cook, of Brooklyn, captures the tracks head-on…kicking a contrasting abrupt flair to his mystical partner-in-rhyme. Together, these complimenting lyricists depict an Off tha Wall flavor which fully projects the Species! Be sure to lock yourself into the aura of the Species as they’ll be close to you soon!!

With addictive musical contributions from Quentin Allen, “The Almighty Digital Music Assassin,” also from Cleveland, the Species successfully develops a jazfunkhiphopism that ingeniously generates a notable approach to sample free music and alluring arrangements thus, providing the ultimate vibe or…THE PLATONIC IDEAL!

This ripping Rare Species debut, transcends the ultimate musical euphoria and lyrical balance which fascinates the inner soul. The mesmerizing lyrical content provides soothing vibes in tracks such as, “Miss Virginia” and “Fire Fly,” while the jazfunkhiphop overtones in “9 Mills,” and “What Can You Do with This Rhyme,” furnish a stimulating vibe that only amplifies the groove state. The Platonic Ideal, takes your mind on an abstract musical excursion in which you’ll never want to return! By all means, get “On the Dodo Tip” with this CD, only then, will you truly begin to understand why Rare Species is “The Click U Can’t Get With!”