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Kitchen Knife Conspiracy spawned out of the Youngstown, Ohio area as an attempt to bring heavy music to an area crawling with the whines and cries of whimpering alterna-punks. Slowly but surely, people are adjusting to the differences from the typical. Instead of drawn-out, melodic begging for a woman to take you back, you get the gutteral growls against a whore who left you in the cold far too many times. Instead of beautiful, lush guitar lines that ring out with just enough distortion for the college kiddies to handle, you get a crunch heard only in the hidden world of death metal. Instead of poppy, happy-go-lucky bass lines, you hear a deep, echoing tone so booming, you feel it more than you hear it. And instead of “Green Day-like” rapid fire snare and tom rolls, you hear double-bass rolls that pound at your chest. It is in these things that Kitchen Knife Conspiracy tries to lay you to rest.

KKC first got together in February of 1998 when Fred saw a flyer advertising for a guitarist who was looking to start a band that was “influenced by Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, and Slayer”. Fred just happened to have a flyer with him that he was about to hang up that was looking “for a guitarist influenced by Obituary, Slayer, and Faith No More”. Figuring 2 outta 3 wasn’t too damn bad, Fred gave Jeremy a call.

A couple of days later, Cibelladonna showed up at John Kihm’s house with a killer guitar and a mini-amp. The first practice went well, but it became evident that Jeremy should start bringing da big shit next time! It was at the next practice that John P, John K, and Fred all got introduced to the power of da Sovtek. It was the shit! They’ve been writing songs ever since.

The members of KKC have been in several bands. John K and Fred have been playing together since, I dunno, like 1992 or something–before they had hair on their balls. They started a band called AQUATIC ROADKILL and began to jam in the basement. They stayed in the basement for years, dropping guitarists and vocalists left and right. They dropped band names left and right as well. They were known as LIQUID JESUS (shit, that was a band name for someone else already), NV (too gay of a band name), EXHIBIT A, MALICIOUS INTENT (Chuck and Bob…those were the days), CAFFEINE, and many more.

It wasn’t until DEADLOCK was formed with a guitarist named Tom Strain that John K and Fred actually started to play out, somewhere around 1995. The sound of DEADLOCK was quite alternative, as Fred and John were on the heavier side, while Tom was influenced by bands like GREEN DAY and other punkish bands. Fred handled drums and vocals at the same time, and they played in Y-town together for a few shows. But after a while, they decided to separate and go different ways.

John Kihm began to date this girl. She served as the means to let John K and Fred step up to a new musical level, as a pyromaniac, cleptomaniac, crazy mutherfucker (named John Prosenjak) came to John’s house one day, claiming to be able to “growl like Chris Barnes”. John K and Fred planned on letting him try out with a new band they were forming with pals Andy Hill on Guitar and Julian Longo on keyboards, and then laughing at him when he didn’t sound like Chris Barnes–no one could do that except for Chris Barnes himself. Well, Fred and John K shit themselves, because John P DID in fact sound like Chris Barnes…it was da shit as well! With that PURGE CANNISTER was formed.

Everyone in the band took on psuedonyms. John P became SET MAGUS, John K became MORTAKAI, Fred became JEROME THE GOAT, Andy became SEVAN MAGUS, and Julian became THE REVERAND JULIUS SWEETLOVE. PURGE CANNISTER was set to offend as many people as possible, and that was that. They advertised like bitches all over Youngstown, and brought over 300 people to a small venue in the area called Amy’s Campus 2000. When PC took the stage, all 300 were cheering their asses off. They took one look at John Prosenjak’s pentagram and satanic bible, Andy’s “Fuck Your God” on his arm, John Kihm’s ski mask, and the gallons of fake blood that was spewing all over the place, and they dashed outta their like little monkeys and went to church that Sunday begging for forgiveness. Once again, it was the shit!

Jeremy was spending some time with a group called FEYD RAUTHA, but it just didn’t click. Maybe it was that Jeremy was looking for something heavier, or maybe it was the fact that the other band mates just found Jeremy too attractive to concentrate on playing. Either way, it didn’t happen. Jeremy went on his own again, and FEYD RAUTHA broke up a few months later.

PC went into a shitty-ass local studio, layed down four tracks, and decided to call it a day. Andy went on to form a different project and go to music engineering school (he still serves as the soundman for KKC here and there), and Julian set out to find chics (he often takes pictures for KKC). After a couple of months of searching for a new guitarist, they found Jeremy, and wiped the slate clean. A year and a half later, KKC has played over 50 shows, and have many more planned. Their first demo CD “Witchboard” sold hundreds of copies in the area in only four months. Their first full length album, SIN-PATHETIC, has sold even better, spreading the message further than ever.

In fact, since that disc was released in February 2000, KKC has gone to a new level of intensity. They performed at the Milwaukee Metalfest XIV in July2000, and received a great response. They’ve shared stages throughout the midwest with the likes of Six Feet Under, Soilent Green, Agents of Oblivion, Switchblade Symphony, Skinlab, Dying Fetus, Dokken, Cryptkicker, Biaxadent, Odious Sanction, Valve, Evolotto…as well as hundreds of other solid acts. At this rate, KKC will continue to infect the ears of many, leading many to ponder what level of brutality they can next achieve. Don’t you want to come along?

“The pain’s in both my eyes.” –HEARTQUAKE


Self-released, 1999


Sin Klub, SK026, 2000


Self-released, 2001

Worst Case in Stereo

Self-released, mm66603, 2003

A Friend in Need…Is a Friend to Kill

Self-released, 2006

Seven Deadly Sins

Self-released, 2016