Andrew Clark - Vocals/Guitars/Grumbles and Growls
Jon Kuhlman - Vocals/Baritone/Noises
Adam Keeler - Bass/Screamin'
Nick Grifka - Drums 

Formed in the infancy of the aughts, Highbinder started as a promise of an open-cabin rock experiment with no pretentions or expectations - just getting together to play whatever comes to the minds of five like-minded individuals with varied musical interests. In our travels, we've opened for such acts as Sponge, Local H, The Meat Puppets, Jackyl, Electric Eel Shock, and Whitesnake; released two full-length albums (and an EP) with the help of one Mr. Randy Wilson; rebuilt, tore-down and replaced a ceiling; survived a zombie apocalypse in small-town Ohio, and took the stage in a Nashville club. Ten years later, the band is still going - writing new material, playing out, and evolving as best we can without losing sight of our ultimate goal...

...which, as it just so happens, has skipped our minds...

...All the Way to Hell

Sin Klub, SK039, 2004


Dancing with Traffic, 2007

Modus Operetta

Dancing with Traffic, 2011