Xevin Geminus – vox / guitar / programming
Xayne Geminus – vox / bass / programming
Tekk – prog. / add’l guitar & vox

Formed in Hickory, NC in the late ’90s, the Geminus Sect is an industrial/alternative metal duo that is composed of twin brothers Xevin Geminus (guitar/keys/vox/programming) & Xayne Geminus (bass/live drums/vox/programming). Their metal/industrial work — which draws on influences that range from Ministry, Godflesh, and the Electric Hellfire Club to the seminal Alice Cooper — can be noisy and blistering. But the North Carolina natives are also relatively melodic and bring a strong sense of groove to the table; for all their aggression, intensity, and forcefulness, their work can be undeniably hooky. The identical twins both play a variety of instruments; Xevin contributes guitar, vocals, synthesizers, and keyboards, while Xayne provides bass, vocals, drums, and additional synthesizer programming. And they brought that do-it-all ethic to the studio in 1999, when they recorded their first demo. In 2000, that demo caught the attention of Sin Klub Entertainment — a small, metal-friendly indie label based in Toledo, OH — and the Geminus Sect was signed to a contract. Sin Klub released Gemination, the duo’s first official full-length album, in 2002. They have shared the stage with such acts as Bile, Moonspell, Kovenant, and Lacuna Coil, and the Sect’s songs can be heard on MTV’s “Making The Video”. The band’s image can be described as an H.R. Giger painting come to life or the Nelson twins being gang-raped by the Hellraiser Cenobites. In other words, all senses are assaulted upon entering The Geminus Sect. The following year, Xevin and Xayne moved to New York City. It was also in 2003 that they recorded a cover of Kiss’ “Two Sides of the Coin” for a Kiss tribute compilation.



Sin Klub, SK024, 2002

  1. Unborn Again
  2. Faceless Race
  3. H.E.D. (Human Elimination Device)
  4. Nothing Is Real
  5. Lapse
  6. Cyst
  7. Better off Dead
  8. Withdrawal
  9. Sadomasochrist
  10. Emancipate
  11. Slavior
  12. Digital Deities